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Dan Johnson is a 24-time Emmy Award winning filmmaker and Creative Director who uses media platforms to inspire participation, influence positive change, and inform audiences by telling compelling stories of hope. Johnson’s commitment to the responsible and effective use of communication platforms addresses at-risk youth issues, poverty, education, and justice. His work and team leadership deliver significant resources that bring opportunity and relief to many in need of hope and justice.

Dan Johnson in Brazil

Nonprofit Fundraising

Peachtree’s student sponsorship program in northern Malawi is bearing fruit in the form of the first college graduate in the program. Her name, Blessings, is a testament to her commitment to return to her own community to serve with love and sacrifice and hopefully continue to break a cycle of poverty among girls in Malawi.

Sampa, a teenage convert to Christianity in India, has a difficult life, but education is giving her an opportunity to escape poverty and protect her from the potential of human trafficking.